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This Is the Best Safari Destination Outside of Africa - Forbes (2019)

Beyond Sri Lanka

If you have additional time and budget to spare, combining one of our neighbouring wildlife destinations is something worth considering. Some of our clients travel from distant countries to reach Sri Lanka. Adding a neighbouring destination could be a bonus item on your tour, given the feasibility in terms of logistics and budget, that we can take care of. Sri Lanka has very good flight connections to the destinations we offer and you could decide to include them either at the beginning or end of the tour.

We are able to offer you a complete wildlife travel solution with the “Beyond Sri Lanka” collection, including flights and itinerary scheduling.

Our mother company has direct presence or partnerships in all the destinations we offer, enabling us to offer you the best rates and service guarantee. We at WTSL have travelled, experienced and researched all the offers in the menu, giving us the confidence that the packages will fulfil your expectations.

Wildlife Tours India

India-the land that evokes flights of imagination and curiosity, a canvas of spectacle and colour. Conquered by a succession of native kingdoms and often overrun and inhabited by invading armies of Central Asian origin. India was ruled by the Mughals and finally the British. Transformation has been never ending and the results are deeply and visibly etched in today’s milieu. A profusion of races and cultures, and the magnitude of their legacies, are evident today. This extroverted journey takes the traveller along a richly historic route: full of lore and splendour; punctuated by photographic attractions and features varied sightseeing and sojourns in historic places.

Wildlife Tours India