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Leopard Safari Sri Lanka

Categorized as vulnerable within its terrains are the Leopards in Sri Lanka. For our Big Game Leopard safari explorers these magnificent carnivores are one of the most interesting species on the island. Leopards in Sri Lanka can be witnessed in almost every national park due to their extremely adaptable natures. The highest number of leopards in Sri Lanka can be spotted at the Yala national park. Statistics even goes to prove that the leopards in Yala are probably the highest in the world. A leopard safari at Yala is the ideal way for anyone to appreciate the Sri Lankan Leopard which is also known as Kotiya by locals. These creatures are more active early morning or late evenings therefore these would be the best times for you to embark on your leopard safari. Make sure that you have an expert tour guide on your leopard safari as these creatures tend to shy away from human interaction. On your Leopard safari in Yala keep an eye out for the prolific birdlife, plants and other animals as well.

Unlike the rest of the animals at the park these top predatory big cats are most often solitary hunters and prefer to catch their pray at night. If you’re lucky you will be able to catch mothers and cubs courting in pairs. This of course depends on theLeopard safari experience that you choose to have. It is estimated that there are around 500-650 Leopards in Sri Lanka.

While the Yala national park is the best location in the world for a Leopard safari in Sri Lanka the Wilpattu national park is one of the oldest and largest national parks therefore it has more ground to cover for a leopard safari adventure. Although theLeopard population is unknown Wilpattu is one of the top ten parks in the world for a Leopard safari. With a historical background and various ecological features, that make it stand out from other parks, a Leopard safari in Wilpattu will indeed be a special one. The name “Willu” means natural lakes and the Leopards of Wilpattu can sometimes be seen around the 60 or so lakes that this park holds. Due to its size it is a bit of an arduous task to catch these leopards so a lengthy stay and an insightful Leopard safari in Wilpattu is advised.

When on your Leopard safari in Sri Lanka make sure you observe them from a distance. Avoid the monsoon seasons asLeopards don’t enjoy heavy rains so there is less of a chance of seeing one.